15 July 2007


After living in Guatemala for 9 months, much of my life feels (and objectively is) mundane. While shopping in an open-air market and eating tortillas and beans three meals a day may at first seem exotic, soon you're reaching for something to spice things up (Chile Cobanero works well).

While much of my life feels mundane and leaves me with little to write, I'm going to write a few entries on a subject that never ceases to surprise and amaze me: people. Following will be the first of a series of brief biographies of people that I meet.

One of the reasons for this is because I find that while many of us think of the situations in many developing countries tragic, we see the tragedy in a way that we can't humanly cope with: Starvation of hundreds of millions and lack of basic education for more may affect us for a moment, you can't sink your teeth into unfathomable statistics. The stories of friends and acquaintances, however, are something we can relate to and carry with us through our understanding of the world. B

esides, people have found math boring since it was invented, but have talked about other people since we evolved vocal chords.

The names in my biographies will be changed due for the sake of privacy and a poor memory.

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