08 February 2007

Google Adsense

I recently added Google Adsense to the side of the blog. I'm not allowed to make money of this website according to Peace Corps. All of the money's going to aforementioned project for kids' elementary school tuition.


Anonymous said...

Andrew, my name is Brendan Keeley. I'm on track to depart to the Peace Corps this coming June to some place in Africa as yet unknown. Prior to that I will be traveling to Guatemala on vacation March 2nd - 10th. While there I will be in Antigua part of the time and would like to come visit you on one of those days to chat and deliver some implements if there's anything you need. If you have some time to spare during that week, let me know. My email address is dubhlinn@comcast.

Anonymous said...

That's dubhlinn@comcast.net.

Jean said...

I hope you're doing a amazing and I just read some of your blog, because it's V-day. AKA, the bosses are at home screwing their wives all day, and Jean is allowed to surf the internet while they're gone. Oh who says Hallmark holidays aren't magical? Take care of yourself and stay away from hammocks.

I am required to mention that this blog doesn´t reflect the opinions of the Peace Corps.