22 November 2006

A typical day in Peace Corps

I thought I'd leave a quick anecdote for a common day in the life of a Peace Corps volunteer. I spent last week with a fellow Peace Corps volunteer. On my second day there, I spent the morning simply talking with her counterpart, learning a great deal about how the organization works. After talking with him for about 2 1/2 hours, it was 10:30. He told me that he was going to talk to a group just preparing to organize into a cooperative and that I was welcome to come. The other volunteer, who knew this man much better, agreed and we both went. The cooperative owned a pickup, in which the president of the cooperative, the general manager of the co-op, and we two volunteers sat in. We left the small town and had to drive through a larger town to get there. It took about 40 minutes to get to the larger town, where we decided to have lunch at a small restaurant. After a 45-minute lunch, we got back into the truck and headed off for the aldea. We drove for another hour when we started seeing signs of life again. We kept driving until we saw the school. Upon approaching the school, we realized that the gate was locked and no one was there. So, we found someone walking along the road and asked them if this was Escuela Itzapa. It turned out there was another school further up the mountain. We continued driving for another half of an hour, asking two or three more people where the school was. We drove by the first paved road we'd seen in an hour, which was blocked off. We asked the nearest pedestrian where the school was, and we were told that it was up said paved road. So, we turned the truck around, parked in front of the road, and commenced hiking up the road, which turned unpaved after 100 yards. We found ourselves on a beautiful made of obsidian pieces and a gorgeous view overlooking a large valley. We continued walking for about 25 minutes, upon which we approached the school. Upon arriving at the school, we find no one. We call the leader of the cooperative group, who told us that the meeting had been cancelled and he had forgotten to call to tell us. We walked down the mountain, found a shorter road to get back to the main town, drove back to our own cooperative's office, and decided to call it a day because it was 4:00pm and there were other things the president & manager needed to worry about. Such is my life for two years.

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