02 November 2006


I'll happily accept any book, but I have a list to the right in my links. Feel free to look at any top 100 list, of fiction, nonfiction, academic or scientific works) saves some creativity. You may want to know that I've recently read 61 & 66, and probably could recite number 88. You can buy them on Amazon.com and send them pretty easily. Also, any book in Spanish that you know of is well-welcomed. A good start may be One Hundred Years of Solitude (Cien años de soledad) or Harry Potter (any volume but 1-3) in Spanish (they're easy reads).


Laura A said...

When I click on your book wish list, it brings me to 3 GMAT review books and a self-help book called "Overcoming Overeating." Not your booklist, perhaps? :)

Andrew Trembley said...

I just fixed the link. Lord of the Flies just replaced the GMAT problem. Overeating is rarely a Peace Corps problem.

I am required to mention that this blog doesn´t reflect the opinions of the Peace Corps.