08 September 2006


I swear that there's a 9-page blog that's coming, but for some reason I've been having troubles with my USB drive. I just found out that my Camera will function as one, so I'm going to start using it.Once a year, there is a big parade in my town (Santo Tomas). It was Sunday. Okay, parade isn't quite right. It's a band competition of all the schools in the pueblo (think county). 15 bands parade into town adn then perform. The best wins a trophy, and the children are exhausted for at least 24 hours, which i think is the real reason any such competition exists. I'm uploading pictures and a video if it's possible. Oh, there's also some pics of us with a pinata. We got a pinata for no good reason except that they're fun. Write your Congressman and thank them for letting you pay for it. The coolest thing about the parades was to watch 10 year olds playing marimbas. They practice constantly. Sorry the pictures aren't from the back, but the alto gringo would be a jerk to be in the front.

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