02 September 2006

Beginning Training

Okay, this one's got to be short because this is supposed to be the time class ends, but last time that I stayed after class officially ends, my host father (henceforth papรก) was waiting with an umbrella so I wouldn't be caught in the rain. I was five minutes late and he had to stand around waiting & thought I was lost. It's cute, but it rains here every day, so I hope that he doesn't end up doing this daily.Training spoils us. We have Internet at the center, speak english for roughly half of the time we're in classes, and have host mothers (henceforth mamas) that pack us little lunches. One of the other trainees here got mac & cheese yesterday -- cute, no? So here's the basic rundown:6am: Wake up, take a bucket bath (bano con cubeta). I take them cold because it feels rude to ask mi madre to boil up water when everybody else takes them cold. Mi mama makes me a hot breakfast -- sometimes tortillas & beans, sometimes hot cereal, always pan (bread).7am: Begin walk to the training center in the next town over. Run into other trainees. "Gringos on Parade" commences.7:30 first class of the day. We have generally have a class for two hours each: two sessions before lunch. Classes vary from Safety & Security, Health, Cross Cultural awareness, Spanish, and technical training. Classes (except spanish) are all in english. I hope that it changes.Okay, it looks like it's raining & internet is in & out, so I'm signing off. More to come.

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